When Fatmumma went AWOL

So… the round FINALLY started on Monday, and with me having been so antsy to get stuck into things, you’d have thought I would have blogged before now. So, what have I been doing, if I haven’t been busy blogging all about the start of the round? This busy little bee has been organising The Slims a new abode! That’s right, The Slims are on the move! I’m terribly excited about this move (for reasons that I guess I will explain in another post), but needless to say, things have been pretty busy! Packing is now well and truly underway, and we should get the keys on the 23rd or 30th of this month.

So… exciting times here! Please forgive my being distracted, but I will be back at some point over the weekend to post some start-of-round stats. I may even share my hideous ‘before’ shots! Til then, take care!



Biding time…

The end of this week will see four weeks of 12WBT pre-season dead and buried. You know what that means? Yep! There’s still two more weeks of pre-season to go, and if I remember correctly, there’s still ‘warmup’ to go after that! The wait is driving me insane!

I wish I could say that I’ve been using pre-season constructively. I would love to be able to tell you that I’ve been making positive changes to my diet/fitness/mind-frame… ANYTHING! Sadly, the only movement I appear to be making at the moment is of the backwards variety! Yes, I’m being a good girl and doing all my 12WBT homework… but the homework so far hasn’t been challenging me in the ways I need to be challenged. I need the gritty tasks… the tasks that involve making changes. I need to be DOING rather than SAYING or THINKING. I know these tasks are coming… but they are not coming fast enough dammit! 😛

I can almost hear what you all must be thinking… “Well surely you don’t need Michelle Bridges to tell you when and how to make positive changes to your life! You know what you need to do… just do it!” *SIGH* I know all of this… so what is wrong with me?! Why am I still wallowing in this negative space? I feel so warm and cozy in my quicksand. I know I am slowly sinking further, but it is like I am scared to expend the energy to better my situation. I guess I’m scared that I won’t move anywhere, despite my efforts… scared of giving up what is familiar and easy.

Is there anyone out there who can identify with what I’m going through? Are you going through something similar? Have you been through something similar? If so, how did you get out of this funk?


Welcome to the first real post, of my first ever blog! So many cherries being popped simultaneously… please go gentle on me!

So… why exactly are we here? Well, as you would hopefully have read in my About Me, I’m about to embark on a lifestyle and body overhaul. My weapon of choice in this endeavour – Michelle Bridges 12WBT. As a part of one of the ‘pre-season’ tasks designed to help prepare 12WBT participants for the round, we are asked to share our ‘commitment’ with others. So, here I am… sharing my commitment with you! Right here, right now (yep, ANOTHER Fatboy Slim reference), I commit to losing 15kg (give or take 5kg). I also commit to learning to (and learning to love to) run… my first stop: 5km without stopping! Also, as a part of my 12wbt journey, I commit to increasing my water intake, decreasing my soft drink intake, and shrinking my portion sizes back down to normal. I am totally committed to doing the work to get me there… I’ve even created spreadsheets!

So, I guess this is the part where we get all inspired… are you feeling it? I’m feeling something, but I’m not quite sure if that feeling is inspiration, motivation, or heartburn! I think what we need is some kind of inspirational quote, perhaps even a chant! Ooooh! I’ve got a good one! “Go Fatmumma, she’s our… uh… WOman! If she can’t do it… well, no one else is going to be doing it for her, so she had better suck it up and JFDI!”

I know… total poetry, huh?!

Well that wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be, and there was not nearly as much blood as what I had expected. Was it good for you?